Tanzanian Mutwari AA Senseo Coffee Pods

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Tanzanian Mutwari AA

Senseo Coffee Pods

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This East African country borders some high-profile coffee producers. It's near Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. The geography alone suggests that the country produces some coffee beans worth talking about.

Mutwari coffee comes from 50 farmer groups of individual small holder farmers, sourced from family owned farms organized around Tembo Coffee, an export company that operates in the southern highlands of Mbeya, Tanzania.

By building common washing stations to support the producers who are too small or lack the capital to process their own cherry, Tembo generates quality coffee and passes the profits to individual producers

Tanzania is one of the top coffee producers in Africa. It comes in at number 3, and is the country's largest export crop. It produces around 30-40,000 metric tons per year, and Tanzania is the 19th largest coffee producer on the planet

This coffee has a light & bright acidity, and has have a deep, rich taste, a sharp arabica bean roasted to a medium strength with notes of fruit and berries.

Tanzania coffee doesn't shy away from flavour, this is a single-origin coffee and you should enjoy the taste to its fullest

Packed 50 x 7.5 grams per Pod individual wrapped