Eclipse Dark Espresso Dolce Gusto Box 40

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Dolce Gusto Compatible

Strength 10/10

Box of 40 capsules

Eclipse Dark Roast Espresso

Added to our family of Dark Roasted Coffees we are pleased to introduce the latest addition to this growing section. We are always getting asked for more coffees that are roasted beyond the 'second crack' of the coffee bean, and that have the richness that only comes when coffee beans are roasted to this level. Our Darkest used to be Midnight, but what could be darker? well here it is Eclipse

Our new Eclipse Dark Roast for the Dolce Gusto coffee system consists of coffee beans from three different countries  in South America & East Africa to bring you a coffee that is dark and rich with a fantastic crema, but still maintains a degree of sweetness in the cup along with a lasting finish.

The coffees included in this blend, are Brazilian, Guatemalan, and Ugandan all of which when added together all bring something to the table in the overall flavour. These are Espresso extraction capsules, so have an extraction of 40 ml

Box of 40 Dolce Gusto Compatible Capsules