Sumatra Lake Toba - Senseo Size 62mm

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 Sumatra 'Lake Toba'

A breakthrough in quality single-cup coffee! 

Senseo® Size 62mm -

Pack of 50 individual coffee pods 

Now with 8g of coffee for a greater depth of flavour

Sumatra 'Lake Toba' Single-Cup Pod Coffee.

This full-bodied yet well-balanced cup is one of our Roastmaster's favourite. Highlighted with chocolaty notes in the finish, we're sure that this single cup coffee house experience will keep you coming back for more! - Medium Roast - 100% Arabica Coffee

Coffee Sense is the solution to your single cup coffee needs - combining quality taste with the ease and convenience of a single cup! The gourmet selection offers the perfect coffees - light roasts, exotic estate coffees, flavoured, and decaffeinated as well as premium hand-picked teas. Convenience, choice and a gourmet selection!

  • Coffee Sense Sumatra' Lake Toba'  62mm Coffee Pods
  • Individually Wrapped - 7.5 - 8g per pod
  • Medium Roast (Strength 3/5)
  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Responsibly Grown Coffee
  • Kosher Certified

Coffee Sense packages these pods in an oxygen free environment, making this coffee the freshest brew possible. You'll smell and taste the difference from the moment you tear open the first packet.

Remember, Packed ONE POD per foil pack, NOT as others do - 2 or 6 or 10 or more in a packet. Fresh Every Time

Packed 50 fresh and flavourful individually wrapped coffee pods per Pack 50's x8g