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Cafe Verona Eco Compostable A Modo Mio* Compatible 50

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Eco Compostable Capsules

Cafe Verona A Modo Mio* compatible (Improved Blend)

Strength 6/10

Box of 50

Fully Compostable Capsule

Eco Compostable pods Cafe Verona A Modo Mio*

compatible (Improved Blend) Strength 6/10 - Box of 50

Our First Eco Compostable A Modo Mio compatible coffee capsule

We have been waiting for the ‘second generation' of Eco compostable capsules, and at last they are available, the Gea coffee capsule. Gea represents a new generation of capsules, designed to meet the needs of coffee roasters and coffee lovers, but also to address environmental issues related to the management of waste, a fully compostable capsule provides an elegant and simple system for delivering the valuable used coffee grounds to industrial compost. Gea is entirely composed of Ingeo™ PLA, which is a renewable sourced polymer that is certified for industrial composting systems according to global standards such as EN-13432 (EU)

Certified TUV Austria compostable

The new capsule technology platform is fully approved by TÜV Austria and the Italian Composting and Biogas Association (CIC) for compostability certification.

So after use, just pop them in your Food Recycling Bin

Café Verona Espresso is a complex coffee that is made up of coffee beans from three countries, Brazil, Honduras, and Indonesia, each coffee bean brings its own distinctive taste and flavour to this coffee blend 

Brazilian coffee beans are known for their  pronounced peanutty quality and heavy body, with Chocolate and some spice, and these flavours tend to linger a bit in the mouth.

Honduras coffee beans have medium Intensity/Honeyed sweetness, with dried fruit, moderate acidity.

Indonesian Old Brown Java coffee  This is a 'long-aged' coffee, where the coffee beans are allowed to naturally age in warehouses for at least 6 years. Old Brown Java is one of the most famous and sought after of the 'aged' coffees The musky complex aromas are matched by the rustic earthy flavour notes. The long finish and big body makes this coffee especially impressive.

Put these three beans together, roast to a medium degree, and you have a coffee that can be used any time of the day or night.

Strength 6/10

Box of 50 Compostable Coffee Capsules - Extraction 25/40 ml