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Daybreak Coffee, To Get Your Day Started Right

Compostable A Modo Mio Coffee Pods

Box Of 50

Daybreak Coffee 100% Arabica, coffee beans. 

A great blend of Brazilian, Sumarta Mandheling, Ethiopian coffees, PLUS Indian Monsoon Malabar to give this coffee

a fantastic flavour profile, that will make your taste buds sit up, and want more

A Medium Dark Roast

Full Body

Bold and intense flavour, heavier body, and syrupy texture, notes of fruity aromas, caramel, and spicy,  earthy notes, and smokiness.

Medium Acidity

Smooth and well-rounded flavour, with subtle acidity that's not overpowering.

Go on, give them a try

This is a Compostable Green Eco, A  Modo Mio compatible box of 50 capsules

Compostable Coffee Capsule

So after use, just pop them in your Food Recycling Bin

Extraction is 25-30ml Espresso

 Gea is entirely composed of Ingeo™ PLA, which is a renewable sourced polymer that is certified for industrial