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Italian Espresso ESE Coffee Pods

A true Italian classic, perfect balance of high quality Arabica 100% beans.

Good crema and smooth taste, Ideal for making Espresso, regular coffees, Americana's, Cappuccinos and Lattes etc.

These are pre-ground espresso coffee, a perfect balance of high quality Arabica beans, contained in a handy paper 'pod'. Saves time, effort and mess and the results are superb.

Our most popular coffee of all the different coffees that we stock, a medium roast, medium body, coffee with low acidity

Strength 3/5

 Great Taste 2018 One Gold Star Award Winning Coffee

Made using our Award Winning Coffee Beans 

Judges Comments: There is a dry nuttiness on the nose that translates immediately to the taste. There is an orange zest bitterness that helps balance this coffee. This is a coffee that would shine with milk. A great, uncomplex, versatile drink.

Recycle Wrapping

We are now using recyclable packaging for our

 Italian Espresso  ESE coffee pods

Italian Espresso ESE Coffee Pods Pack 50

Italian Espresso Coffee Pods ESE 44mm Coffee Pods

Great for Espresso, Cappuccino,Latte, Etc.