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Italian Espresso ESE Coffee Pods

A true Italian classic, perfect balance of high quality Arabica 100% beans.

Good crema and smooth taste, Ideal for making Espresso, regular coffees, Americana's, Cappuccinos and Lattes etc.

These are pre-ground espresso coffee, a perfect balance of high quality Arabica beans, contained in a handy paper 'pod'. Saves time, effort and mess and the results are superb.

Our most popular coffee of all the different coffees that we stock, a medium roast, medium body, coffee with low acidity

Strength 3/5

 Great Taste 2018 One Gold Star Award Winning Coffee

Made using our Award Winning Coffee Beans 

Judges Comments: There is a dry nuttiness on the nose that translates immediately to the taste. There is an orange zest bitterness that helps balance this coffee. This is a coffee that would shine with milk. A great, uncomplex, versatile drink.

Italian Espresso ESE Coffee Pods Pack 50


Italian Espresso Coffee Pods ESE 44mm Coffee Pods

Great for Espresso, Cappuccino,Latte, Etc.