French Grade 5* ESE Coffee Pods

French Grande 5* Roast Espresso ESE Coffee Pods

A true Classic, perfect balance of high quality Vietnamese beans.

Good crema and smooth taste, Ideal for regular coffees, cappuccinos and lattes

The Coffee used is High Roasted which means the beans are roasted longer for a much stronger 'French' flavour, for coffee drinkers that enjoy a strong rich roast, on a scale of 1 - 5 this coffee pod is a 5

You will not be disappointed with this blend if you like real dark roasts

From our coffee roaster - Coffee Sense

Our coffee is roasted using a Giesen traditional drum roaster which is computer controlled using state of the art software to ensure that the coffee beans are roasted to perfection.

Packed in 50's x 44mm 7g single pods

 Each pod individually wrapped 'Recyclable' Recyclable Materialand the pod which is just Paper & Coffee can be put in your composter, or food bin

French Grande 5* Espresso ESE Coffee Pods Pack 50

French Grande Roast 5*

Our Darkest, Richest Espresso 

ESE 44mm coffee pods -

Pack of 50