Eclipse Dark Roast Espresso ESE Coffee Pods

Eclipse Dark Roast Espresso

ESE Coffee Pods

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Eclipse Dark Roast ESE Espresso Coffee Pods


Added to our family of Dark Roasted Coffees we are pleased to introduce the latest addition to this growing section.

We keep getting asked for more coffees that are roasted beyond the 'second crack' of the coffee bean, and that have the richness that only comes when coffee beans are roasted to this level.

Our new Eclipse Dark Roast consists of coffee beans from three different countries  in South America & East Africa to bring you a coffee that is dark and rich with a fantastic crema, but still maintains a degree of sweetness in the cup along with a lasting finish.

The coffees included in this blend, are Brazilian, Guatemalan, and Ugandan all of which when added together all bring something to the table in the overall flavour.

Eclipse Dark Espresso

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Eclipse Dark Espresso

ESE Coffee Pods

Pack of 50

Eclipes Dark Espresso

ESE Coffee Pods


Looking For a Really Dark Roast Espresso with plenty of body and a fantastic crema, then look no further................


We are being asked more and more for dark roast coffees, so we are pleased to introduce the latest addition to our Dark Roast Coffee Family.

Consisting of coffees from two South American countries, Brazil, and Guatemala, as well as coffee beans from East Africa (Uganda)  you are in for a treat if you like your coffee really dark.

But because of the Roast Masters skil this coffee retains a sweetness that is often lacking in coffees taken to 455' F when roasting

This is a 10/10 on the roast hight scale, but 8/10 for body

Our coffees are roasted in a computer controlled traditional drum Coffee Roaster using state of the art software, which is its self watched over by our own Coffee Roaster to ensure that we get the best flavour from each roast.

Pack 7g per ESE coffee pod, individually wrapped, and then bagged into 50's





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