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If you run a Café, Pub, or Restaurant why not offer your customers a Coffee Menu?

We have put together our ten best selling coffees, and produces  a 30 x 40 inch Menu Board for you to display with a description of the coffees.

Don't just offer your customers the coffee that is in you coffee grinder 

The coffees are supplied as ESE coffee Pods which you can use most commercial coffee machines (an adaptor may be required) these are around 7 grams and give you a single shot of Espresso. 

Almost all Café etc. offer just one or two different coffees, so why not stand out from the crowd and offer ten plus coffees for you customers to try.

The pack is made up of 20 pods from each of the 10 coffees which will have a shelf life of at least 12 months plus the 30 x 40 inch poster.

Then when you see what sales you can reorder from our stock range, simple.

Business Starter Pack with Menu

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coffee sense menu board sml 1

Business Starter Pack

with Menu

A complete Business Starter Pack of ten different coffees complete with a Menu.

Offer your customers a choice of coffees in stand of just the one that is in your coffee grinder, give them interest in the product that to have to offer and stand out from the crowd

In the pack are 20 ESE single shot coffee pods from the following:

Dolce Vita Espresso

Colombian Supremo Espresso

Java Mocha Espresso

Italian Espresso

Dark Italian Espresso

Café Verona Espresso

Guatemalan Espresso

French Grande 5* Espresso

Kenyan AA Espresso

Old Brown Java Espresso


These are among our ten best selling coffees , but all have a different flavour and body, your customers will love them.

They are all supplied in a nitrogen filled foil which you only open when you use them, so they all have a long shelf life of at least 12 months,

so NO waste

200 ESE Pods in total complete with a Menu (size 30 x 40 inches)


Colombian DeCaf, 7g individual Sachets Box 100

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Espresso Grind 7g Individual

Colombian DeCa. C02 Coffee

Colombian decaffeinated coffee which is decaffeinated using C02 gas, no chemicals

These are individual 7g Sachets which are Espresso Grind, and boxed as 100 Sachets