3 Pint Filter Coffee

Guatemalan Filter Coffee 55g x 50

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3 Pint Filter Coffee 50 x 50g complete WITH Filter Papers

he rich, volcanic mineral soils, ample rainfall, and the perfect humidity, altitude and temperature of Guatemala help to produce some of the finest coffees in the world, with the majority of Guatemalan coffees being grown in andisol: young, fertile soil that is formed from volcanic ash and lava, providing the ideal conditions for coffee growthing.

Our Guatemala coffee offers a medium strength and a strong, full flavour that will delight all coffee drinkers


 Artisan Roasted Coffee, roasted by hand to ensure that you get the best possible taste and flavour from your coffee


 A true Italian classic, perfect high quality Guatemalan Arabica  coffee  beans. Good crema and smooth taste, Ideal for regular coffees, cappuccinos and lattes

This coffee consists of Coffee beans only from Guatemala  and roasted to perfection by skilled coffee roasters 

Cupping Notes

Spicey notes with chocolate, medium - dark body, clean finish, balanced, bright acidity, nice aftertaste, smooth

We have packed the filter coffee in 50g pack x 50, so that the coffee stays fresh.