Dorset Roastmasters Espresso Coffee Pods

 Brazilian, Sumatra Mandheling, and Guatemalan Santa Clara.

Blended together to produce a really great espresso coffee, just right for drinking at any time of the day

You can use these coffee pods for making Americana, Latte, Cappuccino, or just a straight Espresso which ever way you drink your coffee you will not be disappointed

Dorset Roastmaters ESE Coffee Pods 50

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Dorset Roastmaster Espresso

ESE Coffee Pods

Pack of 50


This is a great new espresso blend that our Coffee Roastmaster has been working on for some time.

This excellent coffee comprises of coffee beans from three countries


An excellent Brazilian natural Santos makes a great base for this outstanding blend, producing good body thanks to high presence of soluble solids, along with a little sweetness and perfect bitterness. Chocolate and caramel are most prevalent among aromas.

Guatemala Santa Clara, this high-quality coffee provides proper sweetness, with a pleasant, wine-like acidity and wonderful fruit and toasted bread notes.

Sumatra Mandheling The unique method used in its production results in a very full body with a concentrated flavour, garnished with herbal nuances and a spicy finish. Giling Basah, the name of the traditional Sumatran process, involves hulling the parchment off of the bean at roughly 50% moisture content; for comparison, most other processes hull coffee at around 10-12% moisture. This unique Sumatran process results in a trademark flavour profile (low acidity and a richness that lingers on the back of the palate) Notes of chocolate are evident in the finish.

The result is an excellent cup and flavour profile that is Clean & Sweet with plenty of interesting taste sensations 

Cup Characteristics

Chocolate, Caramel, Dark Berry Fruit, Slight  Cedar notes, Balanced, Sweet Tobacco, Winey, Hint of Spice,

Roastmasters notes:

  • Medium Roast; 3/5
  • Full Body; 4/5
  • Acidity; 4/5
  • Strength; 4/5

Packed in 50 x 44mm single pods in per pack. 7.2 grams per pod

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