Blue Mountain Coffee Beans 225g

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Kenyan Blue Mountain

Coffee Beans 225g


Great Taste 2018 One Gold Star Award Winning Coffee Beans

 Judges Comments:

Extracted really quickly.  Some straw and hay aroma.  Almost a peanut butter note.  Light bright coffee. Good citrus sweetness here.  Not an awful lot going on but we liked the single flavour that was there.  Simple flavours but honest.

Kenyan Blue Mountain

100% Arabica Coffee Beans - Light Roast

Blue Mountain Espresso - Get ready for a palate pleasing experience from these superb espresso coffee pods which have been roasted to produce a tantalising taste experience for Espresso lovers.

The unique Kenyan Blue Mountain growing region features an ideal coffee-growing terrain and temperate climate – misty and cool with lots of rain, rich soil, and great soil drainage.

This area contains some of the highest coffee-growing regions.

Blue Mountain coffee, despite how smooth and mild it tastes, exhibits a bright and vibrant yet smooth acidity, a clean taste with virtually no bitterness, and a bold yet sparkling aroma with a profusion of floral notes and sweet herbal and nutty overtones.