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Mixed Pack ESE Coffees from Around The World

Now this is the best way to try some of our speciality coffees

Mixed Pack ESE Coffees from Around The World Pack 1

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Mixed Pack of Coffees from Around The World

ESE 44mm Coffee Pods

Pack of 40

Not sure which Speciality coffee to try from our range of Coffees from around the world?

Then why not try our mixed pack of four different coffees, this pack contains  ESE coffee pods from the following Coffees:

El Salvador Fancy Finca San Antonio

RFA (Rainforest Alliance) standards that are intended to protect the environment and the rights of workers.

SHG (Strictly High Grown) specifies that the coffee was grown at an altitude around 1350 meters. Coffee grown at a higher altitude and lower temperature produces a slower maturing fruit and a denser bean; which creates a more desirable speciality cup.

EP (European Preparation) specifies that the raw beans are all hand sorted to remove any defective beans and foreign material.

Cupping Notes

good sweetness, chocolate notes, soft acidity, medium body, nice smokey notes


Peru MCM Rainforest Alliance Organic


Peruvian coffees are grown very high in the Andes Mountains. This exceptional altitude creates a coffee with bright effervescent snap, gentle sweetness, and nice medium body. Peru is an excellent origin for organic coffees, due to the hard work of a few exporters/importers in getting the farms and the mills up to organic standards. 

Arabica coffee is grown on approximately 200,000 farms in Peru. Most are small, averaging less than two hectares. Most coffee is processed through co-operatives. Rainforest Alliance Certified sees the coffee grown under the canopy of the rainforest so that the local flora and fauna and the coffee beans are all protected.

This shade-grown Peru HB MCM Rainforest Alliance Organic exhibits a vanilla-nut-toned sweetness full of subtle citrus acidity. Extremely well balanced with a pleasing finish.

The cup has it all, body, brightness and good depth in the flavours.

From the Chanchamayo region near the town of Pichanaki, this Peru HB MCM Rainforest Alliance Organic is dual certified! A coffee worth discovering...and enjoying regularly.



Rwanda Naeb Misozi coffee Mushubati Kopakama e.jo Heza women coffee

180 women from the KOPAKAM Coperative came together in 2009 to form this women’s group after the 1994 Rwandan genocide that left many widows and orphans. The women focused on rehabilitating the coffee fields so that they could earn a living without their husbands. From the coffee sales, they raise funds to plant a collective coffee field, Ejo Heza – A Beautiful Tomorrow. They have invested the money for the community to have water access and they have also used the money to help poor members buy cows. There are now 247 women members with individual and collective farms.

In the cup what can you expect: 

Wine and berry, vanilla, roasted almond, butter and clove with aftertaste of butterscotch and hints of orange. Smooth body and sparkle of acidity..

Guatemalan Santa Clara

So what can you expect from Guatemalan Santa Clara?

A big beautiful, creamy,  juicy mouthful and a lovely deep ripe sweetness, flavour notes overflowing with fruit notes such as peaches, apple cider, plums and apricots with a lovely long sweet finish,  with flavours of butter and well balanced chocolaty malt/spicy acidity.

This is such a fantastic espresso coffee, or Americana

Pack contains 10 of each of the above,   40 ESE pods in total

Mixed Pack ESE Coffees from Around The World Pack 2

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Mixed Pack of Coffees from Around The World

ESE 44mm Coffee Pods 

Pack of 40

Not sure which Speciality coffee to try from our range of Coffees from around the world?

Then why not try our mixed pack of four different coffees, this pack contains  ESE coffee pods from the following Coffees:

Mexican Don Pepe

A clean, lightly fruited brightness, the dry fragrance has a crisp caramel scent, with a trace of red apple. Wet aroma is nutty, with the scent of bread in the oven, honey-vanilla, and just a little maple and apple.

The cup has a mild and delicate acidity that gives a sense of refreshing brightness, but low in intensity. There's a grainy sweetness in this coffee short-lived on the palate, but zesty nonetheless: Simple, sweet, mildly bright

Ethiopian Sidamo

This washed Ethiopia Sidamo is characterised by well-defined and strong positive aromatic notes, the most distinctive flavour notes found in all Sidamo coffees are lemon and citrus with bright crisp acidic. The high level of cocoa, goes hand in hand with a very strong flower and honey note followed by a pleasant touch of dried fruit (chestnut, almond, walnut and pistachio).

The spicy notes of tea, liquorice, tobacco, and rhubarb can be sensed alongside the sensations of fine herbs. There is also a nice sensation of toasted, caramel and cereals as well as a slight balsamic note of mint, anise and alpine herbs.


India Monsooned Malabar

India Monsooned Malabar coffee has something of an exotic history. The blend has its origins from the times of the British Raja; the green beans originally developed their distinctive yellow colour from being stored within the humid holds of the slow spice ships as they travelled across the oceans to deliver coffee to Europe.

Today a similar effect is obtained by storing in special warehouses in the port town of Malabar until the monsoon season comes around. The sides of the structure are then opened allowing the moist monsoon winds to circulate around the picked green beans making them swell in size and take on a mellowed, yet aggressive, musty flavour. They turn very pale in colour and become brittle. You'll get the most unusual tasting coffee that we've found so far.

The blend is heavy bodied, pungent and of monotone quality and is considered to be dry with a chocolaty aroma and a slightly sharp taste, deep, low acidity, intense spices Tobacco, almonds, peanut, musty flavours.

  • Flavour 5/5
  • Body 5/5
  • Roast 4/5
  • Acidity 3/5

Honduras RFA Organic

There's an aroma of malted, unrefined sugars in the dry fragrance that is like sucanat.


The body of this organic Honduras coffee has depth, the mouth feel is silky, and there are no surprises in the finish - just a sweetness that lingers on through to the long after-taste.




Pack contains 10 of each of the above,  40 ESE pods in total coffee pods, individually foil wrapped